Xbox vs PS5: Which is Better?

Which Console is right for YOU?


Joshua Bodenstein and Tres Monteverde

The greatest war of all time, Xbox vs PS5.  The 2 consoles are releasing in November, and both are around $450. But based on features, specs, and of course, games — which of these popular platforms will get the “high score?”

First off: specs. Middle schoolers said that they did not care about specs, although they would complain if they got red and black virtual boy graphics instead of RTX. Luckily the race for the most powerful console is very close. The disc drive will only be available on the standard PS5. Sony is releasing an all-digital version for $100 less. Xbox has a different console called the series S which also does not have a disc drive is cheaper as well.

When asked about removing the disks, 8th grader Nicholas J. said “Removing the disks, It’s basically making all old games useless because you have to buy new ones.”

Both consoles are powerful, both go to 8k, disc games go to 4k, you can play with 120 glorious frames, both get 16GB of ram. The Xbox has 1TB of storage and the PS5 has 825GB. The Xbox is the more powerful console though with better CPU and GPU, you should never see frame drops.

Each console’s design is interesting, to say the least, and they have their quirks. tThe PS5 looks like a wifi router, the Xbox looks like a fridge, and the smaller, more accessible version of the next-gen Xbox, the Xbox series S  looks like a stove.

Neil A., an 8th grader, said, “Playstation’s trying to go way too futuristic.” But he also conceeded that the Xbox looks kind of weird.

“PS5 design reminds me of Comcast,” 8th grader Nicholas Jones remarked, which made everybody laugh. Overall, the design for both consoles are pretty weird, but they still look good.

Both consoles come with one controller. Which controller is better? The PS5 has a Dual Sense 5 controller, which is basically a Dual Shock 4, which is basically a dual shock 3, which is basically a dual shock 2, and so on. The PlayStation controllers haven’t changed much in years, but for good reason, they do their job. The Xbox series X comes with an Xbox 1 elite controller look alike, has the morphing Dpad, pressure-sensitive triggers, and textured handgrips. Both controllers have rumble and use Bluetooth.

Both controllers looked fabulous to Neil A., but he said he just prefers the Xbox and doesn’t like the sticks on the same level. Over the years people have praised the Xbox controller, even inspiring Nintendo to create a very similar one.

The Xbox and PS5 both have some killer features and exclusives! Xbox has what we call “Gamepass.” Gamepass is a subscription service that lets you play a ton of video games for a monthly subscription. PS5 has Playstation now, which is basically the same thing but streamed over the internet. Both consoles have incredible online services and great connectivity.

Which brings us to the #1 reason that you buy a console: GAMES!

“I don’t care about resolution, what matters is the games!” said an 8th grader who asked to remain anonymous.

A lot of people thought this would be an easy win for Sony, but with Xbox buying Bethesda, and confirming new Banjo and Conkers games the race is sure to heat up. The PS4 had tons of more exclusives than the Xbox and we can only hope to see that in the future, but for now PS5 isn’t looking great on the games front. With a line-up of Spider-man Miles Morales, Gran Turismo 3, and Forbidden West. With backward compatibility and hundreds of more games to come, we can surely count on the PS5 to nail the exclusives. Now on the Xbox front, Halo has been the flagship franchise for Xbox. The exclusives for Xbox are Halo infinite (was delayed), Forza Motorsport 8, Hellblade 2, and State of Decay 3. Right now, Xbox looks like they are winning in exclusives, but patterns show that the PS5 exclusive library will pick up.

In our “expert” opinion, after judging the specs, features, and games, the PS5 reigns supreme. But there’s no guarantee that’s how it will look at the end of this generation. Many kids are buying the Xbox because they want to play with friends, while others are playing on a PC. Plus, Atari just announced a new console, and there are rumors of a new Switch model.

Which console will you buy? Go answer the poll on the sidebar to see what other people think!

Whichever console you chose, just remember to have fun. Get gaming, gamers!!!