Biden wins 2020 Presidential Election!

But it’s not all good news for Dems


Matthew Herzfeld

In case you’re wondering, yes, Pennsylvania has been called for Joe Biden, meaning that he will be president. Democrats will also retain the House of Representatives. However, it wasn’t all positive for the Democrats. You see, while Nancy Pelosi will keep her speaker’s gavel, Democrats’ hold on the house is weakened, and Democrats will likely not retake the Senate, possibly rendering them unable to pass reforms they campaigned on such as statehood for D.C(and possibly Puerto Rico).

Let’s start with the current state of things. Yes, Joe Biden won the Presidency, giving Democrats 4 years of control in the White House. He also has flipped Georgia and Arizona, and rebuilt the Blue Wall of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania that Hillary Clinton had failed to win in 2016. Interesting note: rapper Eminem(a Detroit native) has been credited with helping Democrats win in Michagan(😂).

But you know the 2 other swing states: North Carolina and Florida, where Democrats have humiliatingly under-performed. Again. In Florida, the race was called for Trump in a surprisingly short amount of time. Trump won by nearly 400,000 votes and the reason why it wasn’t closer is because in Miami, Trump’s portrayal of Biden as a communist and socialist worked to sway Cuban-American voters, many of whom may have escaped Cuba, an actual communist country(although Cuba now has a growing private sector, but that’s beside the point). In North Carolina, where Biden and Democrat Senate candidate Cal Cunningham were projected to win, both are losing their races, and even a lot of outstanding mail in ballots that haven’t been counted probably won’t save them.

This embodies massive disappointments for Democrats, as Democrats failed to win state legislatures in places like Texas and Minnesota, and Republicans even gained the New Hampshire state House and Senate. Despite being slightly favored to regain control of the Senate, Democrats also lost major pickup opportunities such as Maine, Montana, Kansas, Iowa, Texas, and Probably North Carolina and Alaska (Doug Jones from Alabama also lost his seat). Mark Kelly(Arizona) and John Hickenlooper(Colorado) were the only exceptions to this.

If there’s one glimmer of hope, though, it starts with Georgia. Both Senate races in Georgia are headed to runoffs in January, which could be Democrats’ last chance to retake the Senate. In the regular election, John Ossoff(D) could be popular if he ran as a breath of fresh air to the D.C establishment due to his young age compared to Sen. David Perdue(R) while still having a centrist platform. In the special election, Raphael Warnock, who is a Reverend at the same church as Martin Luther King, Jr., could win by pointing out that he is essentially carrying the torch of MLK’s legacy.

But for now, President-Elect Biden and his Democratic allies are focused on the Presidential Inauguration on January 20, 2020, and the peaceful transition-of-power.  What happens next is anyone’s guess.