A Spooktacular Time — even during the pandemic

Anastasia Giannakou

Have you been wondering what you are gonna do for Halloween? On Halloween, October 31st, kids usually go trick or treating. But this year is going to be different with Covid-19. CDC protocols include wearing a mask (and we’re not talking about your costume), staying 6 feet apart, and don’t forget to wash your hands. All of which make collecting candy a little harder than usual.  And virtually every household is doing something different that makes them feel comfortable.

Tim Evans, a WMS parent, wishes this could have been a normal Halloween but sometimes we have to make the most of what we have. “Covid-19 has blown out of proportion however in an abundance of caution cancelling or modifying Halloween,” he said.  “My family will be having a small outdoor gathering in order to limit our interactions with unknown people and groups while still having the opportunity to see some of our closest friends.” Tim and his family have found a great solution where they can still see their friends without spreading germs.

WMS 8th grader Ava K. said, “We don’t need trick or treating to have fun on Halloween instead we can just hang out with our friends and or our family.”  And even if you don’t dress up that doesn’t make any of the fun disappear you can still have a great night.

Nora D., another WMS 8th grader, agrees: “The CDC’s decision to avoid this year’s trick or treating is wise but will affect all kids since this is something that everybody looks forward to.” She thinks Halloween is a once in a year celebration that can still have fun even if it looks a little different in 2020.

Nancy Hodges, an Arlington resident, said “ I believe that lots of people are struggling from stress related pandemic inspired anxiety and the more Covid-19 takes away from us just makes it worse.” Nancy also said “I still don’t think people should be hosting big parties but I do believe that we can find some small ways to celebrate without spreading germs.”

Celebrating Halloween during Covid-19 isn’t the best, but our community is make the most of it. Lots of people have come up with some very creative ideas to help stop the spread of Covid-19, from candy launchers to drive thru trick or treating. It’s not about where you are, it’s about who you’re with. Don’t forget to wash your hands, wear a mask, and have a blast. I hope you have a SPOOKTACULAR time WILLIAMSBURG!!!