The Washington Football Team is Finally Embracing Change

Changing the team’s name is the first step to changing the team’s culture


Matthew Herzfeld, Student-Reporter

     The Washington Football Team has been known for its owner, Dan Snyder, since he first purchased the club in 1999. But that’s never been a good thing. If you want examples, I can give you examples upon examples upon examples of failures, both off and especially on the field, but for the sake of brevity, and maintaining my sanity, I can’t(Either you look at the records on the graphic I made, or just go to Football-Reference). At least off the field, though, Snyder has recently done one positive thing: He let Washington change its name from Redskins, an anti-Native American slur, to…Football Team. For now, at least. And the reactions are clear.

     WMS teacher Mr. Schonfeld said, “I think a name change is long overdue”. Eighth grader Colin Madden said, “I think they should’ve done this a long time ago, but maybe it just felt a little rushed the way they did it”, implying that Washington should have had a name and logo ready when they made the switch. 8th grade Science teacher Ms. Thomas said, “I’ve been calling them just Washington for years already,” something that many other people had been doing as well. This is a major red flag that you have an inappropriate team name when people are refusing to say it. 

     And it’s not just Washington that is changing its name. On December 14, the Cleveland Indians announced they would be changing their name either this offseason or next offseason, depending on how quickly they could come up with a new name and logo. For Cleveland, my personal favorite name for the team would be the Commodores(shortened to…Commies), but that’s another story(Thanks to SB Nation for suggesting new names for Cleveland).

   So, what was responsible for the change of heart? It’s not due to Snyder becoming a better person. As this article was being written, Snyder faced accusations from the Football Team’s minority owners that he tried to get them to sell the team. No, I think the real reason why Snyder did this was advertiser pressure. My honest opinion for Snyder’s change of heart both on and off the field is that the bottom line would be hurt too badly if he didn’t reverse course.

     In an interview with 106.7 The Fan, WFT President Jason Wright said that the Football Team wouldn’t have a new name and logo for 2021. Wright stated the reason for this delay was because they wanted to make sure the rollout went smoothly so that Washington didn’t become a giant meme yet again. For now, the most we know is that the Football Team will keep it’s Burgundy and Gold color scheme, and that Wright has promised a logo that will make fans proud to root for the Football Team, something that until this year was impossible. Good luck, sir.