2020: The Worst Year EVER


Tres Monteverde, Student-Reporter

2020 has been… interesting. No, that’s being too kind; let me start over. 2020 has been… the worst year in history! Looking back over the past 12 months, there have been some “good news” stories like the SpaceX launch. But the stories we’ll really remember were the HUNDREDS of bad ones like a pandemic, a continent being lit on fire, and Capitol riots.  So let’s take a stroll down memory lane — and the dumpster fire that was 2020.  

The one event that most people thought the worst event was, is obviously Corona. This Virus that started in Wuhan has caused thousands of disruptions and delays. Eighth grader Nora Dowd says “COVID has latex a lot longer than I thought it would”. COVID has obviously caused thousands of side effects. Most coose to barely go outside. COVID 19 will surely be remembered as a cautionary tale.

Another massive story that broke earlier this year were the Australian Bush Fires. These caused animals and humans to lose their homes. But they didn’t just happen in Australia, fires were also started in California due to an unfortunate gender reveal party. But luckily the world came together to raise money for a good cause, and we were able to stop most of these fires.

One of the stories I’ve been most Interested in is the US presidential election. A fierce battle between former Vice President Joe Biden, and former President Donald Trump. Trump lost but still says that the election was stolen from him. “I think Joe Biden will do a much better job handling COVID” said 8th grader Nora Dowd when asked about Trump’s behavior. As a result he encouraged capital riots which left 4 dead and Trump being impeached.

There were not just bad stories though. Billionaire Elon Musk and his private company SpaceX partnered with NASA to be the first private company to launch humans into space. The rocket was even able to land for multiple uses. This is the next step towards the company’s goal of colonizing Mars. “It’s impressive for space travel.” Said seventh grader Ciara Monteverde.

Probably the most monumental thing to happen this year we’re the BLM protests. Hundreds of protestors have fought for the cause of equality. Taking aim mostly at the police for being “racist”. After multiple deaths due to Police ignorance these protests have been a huge step forward for gaining equality. Trump has spoken out against the protests calling them “riots”. “I Think they’ll have an easier time with the new president and Vice President” said Eighth Grader Madison Grady

There are so many crazy things that happened this year, the highest unemployment in years, small businesses shutting down, the country has become more divided, and climate change is still happening. Being inside for almost a year now, I’ve had no choice but to watch and read news, I’ve seen hundreds of horrible stories throughout the year. But it’s important to stay informed during these times, it’s how we will remain safe. Going into the new year let’s make a resolution to be informed and civil, if we do this the two halves our country can hopefully become whole.