Put off ‘til TOMORROW what you don’t need to do TODAY


Sofia Marcus, Student-Reporter


One of my favorite things to do is travel. Whether flying to overseas countries, taking a cruise on the oceans and stopping at a cool destination, or flying domestically, I want to go everywhere and see everything! The UK, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Norway, Fiji, and so many other places are on my bucket list. I love to experience new things, go to the beach, see landmarks, try new food, and of course — go shopping!

It’s disappointing that because of COVID-19 we just can’t travel. The CDC says that travel “increases your chances of getting and spreading COVID-19.” The CDC suggests that staying at home is the safest option.

For me, driving to rental homes in Virginia Beach and driving to Wintergreen Ski Resort with my family were the farthest trips we got to take this year, but it’s what we had to do to keep everyone safe during COVID times.

Every day, more travel destinations are re-opening for travel, but Europe and many other countries haven’t re-opened yet for tourism for U.S. citizens, because the virus is too out-of-control in America.

Some international destinations — such as Rome, Italy and the UK — allow only very few travelers to enter because of the Coronavirus risk. And even then, travelers have to take a COVID test and quarantine.

Lily Dezfulian, an 8th grade student at Williamsburg Middle School, says that she has had to cancel two vacations, one to see her grandparents in Montenegro, and another trip to see her other grandparents this upcoming summer.

Lily explained, “I really wanted to see my grandparents in Montenegro, but I couldn’t over Thanksgiving break because the cases started spiking up.”

Delta executive Steve Sear says airlines are taking steps to make travel as safe as possible. He says, “carefully designed COVID-19 testing protocols are the best path for resuming international travel safely and without quarantine until vaccinations are widely in place.”

Cristina Marcus, a parent of an 8th grade student at Williamsburg, explains that she would consider traveling on airplanes because she thinks that the airlines are taking steps to be as safe as they can be during COVID. However, she adds, there are still risks.

“For now we should just stay put, though,” Ms. Marcus cautioned.

I had really hoped that by this season I would get to travel domestically and overseas. Everyone wants to travel, go to restaurants, hang out with friends normally, and go to school. But, the COVID cases keep rising.

If we want things to get back to normal sooner, then we need to do our part and stay home. If you still really want to travel, then be responsible, for example, wear a mask, wash your hands, and try not to touch too many things. We need to keep the cases going down, so we can do all these things again. We’ll get to travel eventually, though, so let’s get through this!